Daily Show is keeping it real with bro-choice

Seems like every time there is about to be an election, there are all kinds of other things going on to stir up the pot. Like personhood, for example. Which is apparently up for debate again in Oklahoma after passing the Personhood Act in the state senate back in February.


The act garnered international attention when senator Constance Johnson proposed an amendment that would make it illegal, basically, for a man to ejaculate anywhere other than the vagina. The reasoning behind it being that wasting of sperm is a threat to an unborn child. *smirk*

Well, leave it to the Daily Show to come at it with a special angle. I love this segment with Al Madrigal, I hope you will too.

(I tried to post the actual video, but the html from dailyshow.com was not working right for me, so it’s just a link! Sorry! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Daily Show is keeping it real with bro-choice

  1. rachelroyster says:

    This comment is really vulgar, but I’ll say it anyway. I think most women have gone to the bathroom after sex once or twice to “drop their boyfriends future children off at the pool.” What I want to know is, how do they feel about birth control? The sperm is going where it is supposed to go, is it not? I think Senator Constance Johnson just hasn’t had good sex.

    • michaela says:

      Ha! I think your kinda vulgar comment is right on!! I think the whole thing is ridiculous and stupid, and even though Senator Johnson was serious in the amendment to make a point, I am sure she was also fully aware that it was NOT going to get passed because of exactly what you pointed out. And I am sure there are a million other ways that this would be a fail, besides what you mentioned! hehe

    • I won’t say that she meant it as a joke, because she was serious, but Senator Johnson meant for her proposed law to be absurd in order to point out the ridiculousness of drawing the line of personhood at conception. I thought it was brilliant, as was the daily show’s take on it, as always.

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