Well, yesterday was a waste, but saved by pizza muffins.

I stayed up way, way too late on Friday night. I wasn’t even really doing anything all that fun except commenting on classmates’ blogs, but after that I was just watching infomercials because I was too lazy to get up and find the Wii remote to watch Netflix.

I love staying up late, I’m definitely a night owl, and so is my husband J…but we have learned quickly enough that staying up late is a now a thing of the past. This little being we’ve created gets up anywhere between 5am and 9:30. And believe me, I cherish those 9:30 days, though usually that just means we have been up in the night a million times.

Well, yesterday was a 5am start kind of day. And after going to bed at 1:30ish, I was kinda tired.

J was working, as he usually does on Saturdays, and so I figured the only way to stay up and awake while my little maniac tore the apartment up was to make food.

So I made these.


These are based on a recipe I found on Pinterest (of course! feel free to find the link on the right and follow me there!).

But, I didn’t have mini-muffin tins. So I just made them in regular sized tins, and substituted whatever kind of cheese I had on hand, which happened to be mozarella/provolone mix and extra sharp cheddar. Mixed up with some turkey pepperoni, and OH EM GEE these were the best afternoon snack ever!

Well, that is it for the moment, but to make up for my lack of posting this weekend in my “free” time (haha that’s a joke) I’ll probably write later.



10 thoughts on “Well, yesterday was a waste, but saved by pizza muffins.

  1. I need to make these! Pizza is my weakness.. I have it at least 4x a week (not exaggerating) despite trying to go on a “health kick.” Thanks for the link

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