5 Minute Craft: Sponge Ballz

I’d like to post more projects here, and I suppose after graduation I will have a lot more time to do so.

I originally ran into the sponge ball idea here.Image

This clever lady made a bunch of these as party favors/toys at a water themed party.


So when I saw them, I wanted them. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to be able to use them as outdoor water toys for many months.

I did think though, that a couple of these would make great bath toys. A great non-sugary addition to an Easter basket, too.

They never made it into the Easter basket due to time constraints, but the other day I was looking at some of the junk collecting on my dining room table and found my pack of O-Cello sponges I had purchased for just this.

So I made some. And I took step by step pics. For you.

You’re welcome.


Sponge Ballz

All you need are basic dish sponges, without the rough scrubby side. I like O-Cello, they come in fun colors.


A four pack like this was $1.89 at Menard’s.

So get some sponges, a pair of sharp scissors, and some dental floss.


Cut the sponges into strips, longways. Each sponge will yield 4 strips.



Then cut off a piece of dental floss. Grab a bunch of sponge strips. Squeeze and twist together.


Now, tie the floss around the bunch. Make it tight, and knot it. This is probably the hardest part.


Especially with distractions this cute just hangin’ around.

Anyway, so you tie the knot.



And then you have these.





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