Divorce Rings: Trendy or Tacky?

I heard about these gauche rings on the radio a few weeks ago and have been meaning to do a little research.



This little doozy here is a gold bird skull with a bridal bouquet wedged in its beak. The ring’s designer, Gisele Ganne says that it’s “about dead relationships and decaying messages.”

Lovely. The wearer of this is totally not bitter at all.

But if you really feel you need to represent and celebrate your new found freedom, don’t underestimate the power of this hearty brass knuckle style:

source: yahoo

And honestly, don’t feel like because the marriage is over that you have to bury that diamond engagement ring. No, no, no. Take it to your jeweler and have him or her design you an awesome diamond dagger ripping through a golden heart, like this:

source: yahoo

That’s nice, eh?

Post marriage pride is apparently a new thing. It doesn’t really make sense to me, to be all proud of failing.

Yes, marriage is hard.

Yes, your wife will get a little pudgier after three babies.

Yes, your husband will leave the seat up and refuse to take out the garbage in a timely manner.

No, you may not start off rich. You may never feel secure in that respect, and yes, there will be fights about money.

There will always be tough times, but having a partner in crime is part of the perks of being in a long-term committed relationship.

Commitment. That’s the key. Not just to a successful relationship, but to anything you want to succeed at.

Honestly it seems like we live in a society where people need to feel like they always have an out. If you enter into a marriage feeling like it might end sometime soon, maybe you should just move in together and get a dog. Seriously.

Life’s not a cakewalk and neither is marriage. It’s sad that people have to break up, but if you are proud of your divorce then I don’t really think that a break up is your biggest problem.

Would you wear a divorce ring?


3 thoughts on “Divorce Rings: Trendy or Tacky?

  1. Definitely tacky. At least in my opinion. The only people I could ever see wearing rings like that are some snooty bitches displaying it for all of their arrogant rich friends over glasses of wine in some hideously gorgeous house. How horrible would it be for a kid with divorced parents to see their mother or father (although I can’t really picture a man with a ring like that) showing off the pride of their break up… Something is wrong with society when people are profiting in a market based around broken vows.
    By the way, I nominated you for the one lovely blog award.
    You can check it out at

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