mail art

Mail Art

Lately I’ve been doing some mail art. By lately I mean for the last year or so. I think I’m a lot happier when I am doing something artistic and creative on some level so I decided to take up this hobby.

Mostly I just make fancy envelopes and send them out to mail art calls and swaps that I’ve signed up for. Here’s an example:


But last year I found this wonderful blogger and her 13 ounces or less series. Basically, any thing that is less than13 ounces you can affix postage and a label to and drop it in a mailbox. There are lots of examples of what you can send, like a frisbee or flip flops. In particular, I found this post about mailing plastic eggs, and I was hooked. The mail artist in me was born.

I actually sent my niece an egg for Easter last year and had every intention of blogging about it. But, I didn’t. And…I lost the pictures I had of it.

So I decided to start all over and send some more eggs this year.


I was actually not very inspired to make these until just this morning. I sort of had it in the back of my mind to send my niece another egg, even though she is a tween and maybe too “cool” for this kind of thing anymore. But I was at Party City today looking for tiny egg fillers for my son’s little egg hunt I like to do, and I found the piece de resistance.

A moustache lip balm. In peppermint. Two of my niece’s favorite things of the moment. Perfect.


And I figured while I was at it, I’d get a couple of these cute Hello Kitty lip gloss necklaces they had and do some for my friend’s daughters.


And here they are, all taped up with postage and ready to be mailed.


There is still time to do this for any long-distance little ones (or big ones) you might know! For each small egg it cost $2.07 in postage. The larger egg was $2.58 but I had a few extra cents on there because I couldn’t find my two-cent stamps.

You can get postage prices at the USPS website with their handy dandy Postal Calculator.

Happy Mailing!





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