Mini Paper Baskets For Easter (or anytime, really)

Happy Easter!

Today’s the day the big bunny made his rounds. Plastic egg shells, jelly beans and paper grass cover the living room floor. It is an explosion of treats and loot, second only to Christmas.

And, then, just as quickly as I hid the eggs and basket last night, it’s all found and it’s all over.

Except for these.


I love all things miniature and I also love all things paper. Wanting to continue the crafting and planning surprises for the Big Day, I found this lovely template over at Waltzing Mouse Stamps for a little square Easter basket.


And because at 30-somethin’ it is still fun to get a basket from my mom, er, the EB…which I found outside my back door this morning (Thanks ma!), I thought surely it must be fun for Grandma and Grandpa to get one too. So I made these.

Just print the template on cardstock, cut, and glue. Filled with chocolate eggs or jelly beans they make a perfect little gift.


Also, this is great for last minute basket needs. Takes only a few minutes to put together and fill.

Better go hop along the rest of my bunny trail!


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