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10 Lessons I’ve Learned About College *After* Graduation


  1. Unless you are in the health sciences, engineering, or IT field, you can probably just forget about a job with a living wage unless you go back for a Masters or PhD.

  2. I just spent a ridiculously insane amount of money to make $10 an hour at Target, Starbucks, or the like.

  3. According to (and because of) #2, I will probably pay my student loans off in my 70s. And I don’t even have half as much debt as most students do who attend elite or upper level schools.

  4. I am “overqualified” for most jobs that I could technically “qualify” for (again, see #2).

  5. Everyone who told me to study languages was not completely out of line that I’d have a useful skill. I can now sit at home and make foreign language memes for the internetz to enjoy, free of charge.nein grumpy cat

  6. Starting/having a family while trying to begin a career or pursue a long-term intellectual goal (such as writing) is pretty much impossible.

  7. Because #5 is in my face every single day, I weep a little for all the Women’s studies classes I took, wherein I learned that the modern woman can have it all, eventually crashing the glass ceiling.

  8. If I pursue the Master’s degree I wanted when I first went back to college, I will probably never pay my loans off before I die.

  9. Being a stay-at-home-parent while my husband works full-time pays more than any job I could potentially get with my fancy-pants expensive, liberal arts degree, if I were not actually so “over-qualified.”

  10. Unemployment deferment is only 36 months.




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