Toaster-Oven Nutella S’mores

I’ve been seeing s’mores ingredients all over the stores lately and I am sure in summer there’s an abundance of posts and recipes and twists on the s’more all over the ‘netz. I am not here to say this is an original idea. I’m actually happy to say, though, that this was not googled or found on Pinterest…I used my good ol’ fashioned brain to think of these, and they are so, so easy!

toaster oven nutella smores

All you need is marshmallows, graham crackers, nutella, and a toaster-oven with a broiler.

I split each of my grahams in half and topped with mini-marshamllows. I think that using a big marshmallow would be better because it is a bit tedious to balance all the teeny weeny ‘mallows on top of the cracker, but in the name of s’mores, it is worth it. Mini ones were obviously what I had on hand so I made due.

broiled marshmallows nutella smoreI stuck these puppies under the broiler for just a few seconds. Nice and toasty-melty.

Slather the other half with nutella, slap it on the warm and gooey marshmallow and enjoy!

toaster oven broiled nutella smores


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