Minky Burp Cloths

I’ve been feeling kinda big and achy lately so I decided to work on something I could do while sitting down.

A while ago I discovered a wonderful sewing blog called MADE. The author Dana has the most lovely and EASY to follow sewing tutorials, lots of pretty pics and I just feel like I can make it if she made a tutorial for it. I’ve long dreamed of making  a bunch of stuff she’s so generously willing to teach for free, so when I ran into the burp cloth tutorial she has, I knew what I had to do. I’m still a beginner at sewing, so it’s the perfect practice, just a lot of straight lines.



I got some remnants of both minky and flannel at Joann’s and got to work. It took me several days to get them done, but that is mostly because I usually only have short bursts of time to work on things. But these are so easy that if I had just another hour all together I could probably get another batch of six done.


For some reason I was worried that minky would slide around a lot. But I just used a lot of pins and was careful to check under the flannel to see if the edges were flush. There’s no way I’d attempt to rewrite a tutorial for this, especially when there are so so many out there in blogland, but I wanted to share this easy project.

What I really liked about this burp cloth project in particular was the suggestion to top-stitch in thirds across the cloth for a more finished look. Also, they fold up nice.



Cute, soft, cuddly…easy to make and gift.

Now I am off to finally cut those pj pants for B!